When Tragedy Strikes

Thousands perhaps millions of conversations have happened in our community since the events of last week. Just this morning I attended my first meeting in 7 days that did not begin with a processing session of what took place last Wednesday. A staff meeting, a discussion group with college students, three community prayer meetings, weekend services, Sunday morning study groups - whatever the gathering, the agenda was dominated by the need to talk.

As Pastor of Spiritual Discovery, I want to encourage you to take advantage of the thirst for conversation that tragedy tends to churn up in our souls. Let me recommend a discussion guide that might be of great help to you, your friends or family members. When Tragedy Strikes: Jesus' Response to a World Gone Wrong, is one of a series of seeker discussion guides written by Mark Ashton that addresses questions like:

Where is God when tragedy strikes?
Is God to blame?
How should one respond to evil?
What has God done about evil?

We'll have extra copies of Mark’s guide on sale this week at the resource center in the Atrium. Get a copy and look through it. The holidays may be a busy time to attempt getting together with others for a discussion, but perhaps after the first of the year you might try inviting a friend or co-worker to join you for a discussion over lunch. If you’d like more help on how to lead a seeker discussion – send me an e-mail at timp@cccomaha.org and I'll give you a call.

Let's continue to reach out for God in response to what’s happened. God wants to meet us through our questions and struggles - seeker groups are a great way to help that happen!

Additional Resources:

Study Guide
How Could God allow Suffering and Evil by Gary Poole?

Finding God in the Storms of Life by Bill Hybels


Praying When Life Hurts by Bingham Hunter

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