Why are you going? Pt. II

I received another response from a family on why they are going to CC-Sarpy. Who knows, maybe you who are reading this will want to be a part of the multi-site campus too!

When asked as to why we, Jason and Tasha Nolting and family are looking forward to CCC-Sarpy, the answer is really two fold. We have been attending Christ Community Church for over 11 years, making a 40 minute commute throughout. When you think of the valuable discussions we have had as a family, the commute has not been a factor, however, it has become more of an obstacle as our four kids get us more involved in our own community. Often we have gotten to know other parents on our kid's soccer teams/Swim team and invited them to Church, yet the time and distance has dissuaded their response. And, it goes both ways, we find that our best friends are a good distance from our community which inhibits true fellowship. We think CCC-Sarpy will help bridge this gap. Secondly, we are looking forward to developing new friendships within a 20 minute area and strengthening "friendly acquaintances" who are making this move with us into authentic relationships. As this smaller body of people endeavor to create the same GOD centered worship, teachings, and community offered at CCC Old Mill in Christ Community Church - Sarpy county, we anxiously look forward to this new community and opportunity God has in store for us.
Jason & Tasha Nolting

What a great way to reach your friends and neighbors who are currently uninvolved in a church.
CC-Sarpy is a great way to reach out to them and offer hope, love, meaningful relationships and connection with God.

On the Journey,
Steve Walters
Campus Pastor

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