Lee Strobel Coming!

This Sunday will be one to remember! Lee Strobel will be coming to CCC services at 9, 10:45 and for a special Question and Answer at 12:30 in the student center. He will be in person in the sanctuary and via video into Access.

For those of you who may not know, Lee is a New York Times best-selling author, world class speaker and dynamite researcher. As the former legal-affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune, he uses his skills to examine the evidence for faith. His most recent book "The Case for the Real Jesus" was released earlier this year.

He launched into his spiritual journey as a highly skeptical Atheist, examining the evidence and looking for reasons to disbelieve. Currently, he travels around the country/world interviewing scholars and doing detailed examinations of current scholarly issues surrounding Jesus. He is an amazing speaker with a compelling story and a tremendous heart for God.

Don't miss the event! Plan to stay for the question and answer. (How many times do you get that opportunity?) Bring your friends...there is room for more!