Gratitude is a key to a rich life. Paul said "Give Thanks in everything." (I Thes 5:17) Why? Because thankfulness molds the soul. It brings perspective, it infects people around you. It keeps you from becoming self-absorbed. It makes you increasingly generous and less selfish . Gratitude is critical to acheiving life in all it's fullness.

I am going to list out things I am grateful for...not just the typical things you say at the Thanksgiving table (health, family, turkey) but the other stuff...the stuff that brings joy but often times goes forgotten:

I am thankful for:

  • Asiago cheese bagels at Panera
  • A working heater in my car
  • Butterflies
  • Leather chairs
  • The smell of chocolate-chip cookies
  • Mike Kimmons' exuberant worship style
  • Logic
  • Things that defy logic
  • Hugs from Josiah before I go to work
  • The sound of a Harley
  • Google, Bible Gateway, and Mapquest
  • Air Travel that connects me to cool places in the world
  • Health Insurance
  • Haiven's little laugh, especially when it is loud and in public
  • Tooth-whitening strips
  • Jean Bishop, Lottie Krogh, and others who have been faithful to CCC for over 7 decades
  • Hope for eternity
  • Nose hair clippers
  • The Fighting Illini's recordbreaking turnaround, 9-3 record and defeat of the #1 team in the nation!
  • Grace when I mess up, and more grace
  • A wife who stuck with me for over 17 years
  • My dentist...really...when I think of life without dental work...I am grateful
  • A library full of books that connect me to the best thinkers in the world
  • Jesus
  • Friends that hang Christmas lights with me on the Saturday after Thanksgiving
  • Yappy little Schnauzer dogs
  • The sounds of kids learning to play piano
  • Garage Door openers on rainy days
  • The opportunity to make a little difference in the lives of people around me...

Happy Thanksgiving all! Make it being truly thankful...