What is success?

I had a random thought hit me today as I laid in a catatonic state on the couch while channel surfing.

"Sunday afternoon is all about winning."

That thought got me thinking about winning and success. Last month I had a discussion with the CCC-Sarpy launch team. Our conversation revolved around answering the question, "What does success look like at CCC-Sarpy?"

Success was described as being a place that is...

  • reflective of the community demographics
  • known for dynamic, interactive worship
  • a place where meaningful relationships and community occurs
  • intentional in helping people on their spiritual journey
  • known for community service
  • a gathering of "other minded" servants

The list above is not exhaustive, but it is descriptive of what should happen at CCC-Sarpy to be "successful."

Pray with me that God can use us to be "successful" in CCC-Sarpy.

On the Journey,

UncategorizedSteve Walters