Just like me?

I had lunch a while back with a guy who was troubled by some parts of messages at CCC. He said "At first, I was very suspicious when you said 'I want this to be the kind of church that welcomes people from all backgrounds - atheists, gays, prostitutes, democrats, the greedy, depressed and spiritually confused.' Then...I got why you were saying this! You want to make THEM more like US!"

After recalibrating myself for I a moment, I caught myself and said. "No, I want to help them become more like Jesus. And by the way, I want to help YOU become more like Jesus too."

I still don't know if he took it to heart. But I do know that this is what we are all about - becoming more like Jesus and helping others to explore, meet Jesus and come to know him in the deepest way.

And it is still true -> regardless of your background, regardless of your past, regardless of your sin level or your intelligence level, regardless of your biases or how you've been hurt, you are welcome to explore God, faith and spirituality at CCC.