Something Bigger

I have a quote on the inside of my calendar. A statement that I found myself nodding in agreement when I first read it.

"Every person desires to be part of something bigger than themselves."

This quote from Peter Drucker identifies what many in society are wanting. To matter. To contribute. To be appreciated. To have purpose in life.

I truly believe this multi-site offers an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself in two ways. First, CCC-Sarpy will allow individuals to volunteer and get involved. A place where they can offer their giftedness to help the church. Secondly, CCC-Sarpy will also be a beacon of hope to those who are lacking spiritual direction. This location in Bellevue will be able to reach more people who are in need of encouragement and help those who feel they have a gaping spiritual hole in their life that needs to be filled with something bigger than themselves.

The reality of Christianity is that to become bigger, you must become smaller. John 3.30 quotes the Apostle John saying,

"He [Jesus] must become greater and greater, I must become less and less."

These two quotes summarize the kind of life I want to have. I want to be part of something bigger than myself and more importantly, that Jesus is more noticeable in my life to others and I am becoming less noticeable.

That is my prayer for CCC-Sarpy.

On the Journey,

P.S. this blog is being done remotely because our server for CCC is not working. If you received an email from me this past Thursday notifying you of an upcoming Friday night and Saturday morning [Sept 7-8] multi-site seminar led by Jim Tomberlin, please call the church office at 330-3360 to RSVP and let us know if you can attend either one or both sessions. We hope to have the server running by this Wednesday.