Power of Inspiration

I just got back from the Leadership Summit yesterday. It is a videocast of the most execptional leadership teaching of our day to 100,000 leaders at sites around the world from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.

Bill Hybels gave a brilliant talk about the power of Inspiration in leadership. In it, he said that inspired employees are 40% more productive, 87% less likely to change companies and have significantly fewer sick days, theft and interpersonal conflict. Inspired people inspire other people. Everything soars when inspiration is on high. Here are some key ways Bill encouraged people to stay on top of their own personal inspiration. (which, incidentally is the key to keeping others around you inspired.)

  • Stay crystal clear about your calling
  • Surround yourself with inspiring people
  • Read books about people who push against the odds to victory
  • Occasionally make it a point to be with Exceptionally Inspiring People
  • Participate in events that fill your soul with inspiration
  • Maintain the physical disciplines of sleep, diet and exercise
  • Pay attention to your working environment - put up pictures, signs, posters, words that inspire you
  • Immerse yourself in a recreation activity that you totally love
  • Practice daily spiritual disciplines that keep you connected to God

Want to be inspiring? Put these into practice!