Joy Creators

There are certain cultures that just accellerate joy. Have you ever walked into a business where you know people love working there? Some families just exude familiarity, fun and laughter. Other places you go seem dim and depressing. What kind of culture are you in? Do you ever wish your culture was more joy filled?

Or, far more importantly, what kind of culture are you creating?

Your business, family or church culture is dependent on the players in that culture. You are player in that culture. You have an amazing amount of control over the kind of culture that you exist in. Joy has this ability to infect people around you, bounce off and return to bring joy back. I walked into a room earlier this week where everybody was laughing hysterically. I didn't hear the joke, but could not help but smile, then begin to laugh at people laughing. There is something about being around joy-filled people that brings more joy.

Joy is contagious! It's no wonder that Paul said "Be joyful always..." (I Thes 5:16)

This wellspring of joy flows out of you when you connect deeply with Jesus. Regardless of circumstances, his joy can flow from your gut like rivers of living water, bringing life and vibrancy to all around you. Why? Because some things never change...and when it comes to Jesus, the news is really good.

He has got you covered. He died for you. His resurrection promises new life. His forgiveness is sure. In the end, we know that he wins the final battle. If you are on his side you are a winner. So, our day-to-day existence can throw whatever curveballs it wants to throw...and still, we can choose joy for us and create joy for others.