Pastor Blogger

Blogging on a church website... Welcome to the new millennium. In our era of high-communications and technological advances we connect in all kinds of crazy ways unheard of even ten years ago. Teenagers text-message with flying thumb dexterity. Facebook pages reveal more than many of us want to know. And pastors blog.

What will I do with this blog? I don't know yet. My plan is to be unplanned. All of our current communications are planned weeks, even months in advance. We are thoughtful, disciplined and intentional about everything...but the can be spontaneous, fun-loving, desperate and free. Maybe there will be bad grammar or run-on sentences. It's all OK because it is just a blog.

Maybe I'll do a series of deep spiritual thoughts...or maybe shallow thoughts. Maybe I'll throw in a good quote or a story of God at work. Maybe a personal note or a prayer request for things God is doing. Perhaps I'll answer a question that people are asking about faith or God. Who knows?

I hope you enjoy this small window the the inner workings of my soul and what God is doing in this church. Come back and visit as often as you like to laugh, be challenged, inspired or filled with joy. Let the blogging begin!